krita 矩形圓角作法

用 krita 畫了一個 icon 給 app 用,一開始沒背景,使用起來怪怪的,加了背景在Android裡也怪怪的,四個角很尖,不好看,查了一下 krita 加入圓角還滿簡單的。

1. Open your image (it’s on layer 1)
2. Create new layer and fill layer 2 with white color and run map -> Round Corners filter with radius 40

Screenshot 2016-08-10 17.10.47

3. Select tool from toolbox “Select a contiguous area of colors”
4. In tool options play with the fuzziness a bit and select the white area in layer 2
5. Select layer 1
6. Select -> Invert Selection
7. Press Del to delete the selection

有了漂亮的icon, 再用專門做icon 的網站來resize:


krita 基礎認識-小蘋果3-上色