Complete 和 Finish 的區別

滿有趣的解釋,除了 complete 和 finish 之外,還有 done 也很常用。

電影 《征服情海》(Jerry Maguire,1996) 裡的經典台詞

You complete me , 是妳讓我變得完整



  • 「擁有才是幸福」,所以要綁住、用力抓住自己認定的幸福。
  • 看見老婆外遇那不是真的,一切都是假的,是你眼睛業障重。
  • Less is more,擁有的愈少愈快樂。


  • 一定需要一個異性(或另一半),我們才能感到完整嗎?
  • 沒人愛的人就不能完整嗎?
  • 曾經被愛過,覺得人生完整,但愛你的人(家人、親人、戀人或知己)變心了、離開了或死了,人生就不再完整了嗎?



having all the necessary or appropriate parts.
ex: a complete list of courses offered by the college

(often used for emphasis) to the greatest extent or degree; total.
ex: a complete ban on smoking
同義詞: absolute, out-and-out, utter, total, real, downright, thoroughgoing, veritable, prize, perfect, unqualified, unmitigated, sheer, arrant, full-out


finish making or doing.
ex: he completed his Ph.D. in 1983
同義詞: finished, ended, concluded, completed, finalized, accomplished, achieved, discharged, settled, done, wrapped up, sewn up, polished off; finish, end, conclude, finalize, wind up, wrap up, sew up, polish off

make (something) whole or perfect.
ex: he only needed one thing to complete his happiness
同義詞: finish off, round off, top off, crown, cap, complement



an end or final part or stage of something.
ex: a bowl of raspberries was the perfect finish to the meal
同義詞: end, ending, completion, conclusion, close, closing, cessation, termination, final part/stage, finale, denouement, sewing up, polishing off

the manner in which the manufacture of an article is completed in detail.
ex: wide variation in specification and finish


bring (a task or activity) to an end; complete.
ex: they were straining to finish the job
同義詞: complete, end, conclude, stop, cease, terminate, bring to a conclusion/end/close, wind up, crown, cap, round off, put the finishing touches to, accomplish, discharge, carry out, do, get done, fulfill, wrap up, sew up, polish off

complete the manufacture or decoration of (a material, object, or place) by giving it an attractive surface appearance.
ex: the interior was finished with V-jointed American oak
同義詞: varnish, lacquer, veneer, coat, stain, wax, shellac, enamel, glaze



(of food) cooked thoroughly.
ex: the turkey will be done soon
同義詞: cooked (through), ready

socially acceptable.
ex: therapy was not the done thing then
同義詞: proper, seemly, decent, respectable, right, correct, in order, fitting, appropriate, acceptable, the done thing


used as a nonstandard past tense of do 1.
ex: I done a lot of rodeoin’







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